Agency Resources

An Invitation to the Next Generation of Agency Founders & Teams

If you’re reading this, then maybe this is for you. 

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of opening your own agency. 

Maybe it’s just occurring to you right this minute. 

Maybe you’re already working for an agency and wondering why the hell you don’t just do this on your own. 

Maybe you’re already planning one. 

And maybe, just maybe, somewhere along the line you watched what we did, and thought, “Fuck this noise, I want to do that!”

If so, then this is definitely for you. 

Very few things in life are as exhilarating as starting a new business. And if you’re thinking about it right, you already know it’s about more than just paperwork and a business plan. 

Starting any new business requires healthy doses of creativity, courage, resilience, passion. The ability to see opportunity where others see none; and the willpower to bring it to life. In many ways, it’s a form of alchemy. You’re creating gold out of raw materials. Your own raw creativity, passion, heart and grit. 

But creating a great business, requires something else. 

I believe that special ingredient is a measure of idealism. 

To see the world how it could be, rather than how it already is. To have the conviction to make it so, when to others, your vision is little more than a dream. 

Make no mistake, in many ways, it is the act of a crazy person. The risk, the responsibility, the late nights and early mornings. It’s not a ride recommended for the faint-hearted.

That is the price of a ticket. 

But if you’re willing to pay (and play); while this ride won’t guarantee you riches, it will undoubtedly deliver you returns that will ultimately change your life. 

You’ll be tested. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll grow. You’ll learn things about yourself. And you’ll change. For the better. You won’t necessarily grow old, but you’ll definitely grow up.  

If this still sounds like you, then this really is for you. A collection of our insights and learnings, tools and templates, generated over the 8 years of Andpeople. 

This is a gift from us to you. The next generation of creative agency founders and team players. 

What you do with it is up to you; but I do have one request. 

Make it count. 

This is your chance to be the change in the world you wish to see. So don’t sell yourself short. You have a blank page to create whatever you want, however you want. 

In my experience, this has been the difference. 

So dream big, don’t be afraid to break the rules, and make it your own. If you believe it, others will too. If enough people believe you, you’ll do what we haven’t managed to. Bring real change to an industry that desperately needs it. 

This evolution is inevitable; the question is, will you be a part of it? 

My hope is that you will. 

With love and respect, 

Mike, Duncan and the rest of the Andpeople family 

Download Andpeople’s free agency startup pack here.


A collection of templates, schedules, guides, contracts and administrative tools that are fundamental building blocks of running a successful, professional organisation, equipped to grow. 


  • Influencer Agreement: An agreement & scope of work for engaging with external influencers or creatives.

Operations & Processes

  • Value Scorecard: A bi-annual review form that evaluates employees against business values. This can be adapted to reflect your company values.
  • Workflow: Company workflow document that outlines all workstreams, operations & processes.

Production & Project Management

  • Production schedule: Used for pre production & detailed on site production.
  • Project Debrief: A project debrief form that evaluates projects against a key criteria.
  • Project planning templates: A Gantt chart & calendar format template for broader campaign & project planning.
  • Scope of Work & Budget: Production budget & hours scoping template. An official document that is signed off by the client before going into production to agree hours & production costs to complete a project. 

Start Up Guides

  • Agency Admin: A guide to basic admin items that you will need to have set up and in place to trade as a legal entity.
  • Agency Credentials: A guide to creating your agency creds – your official sales tool that introduces your agency to prospective new clients and partners.

Suppliers & Network Management

  • Creative Supplier Briefs: briefing templates / guides to create inspiring briefs for various creative suppliers. Film, Photography, Hair & MU, Styling, Fabrication, Animation, Location. 
  • Production Supplier Briefs: Briefing templates that ensure no detail is missed. These will help you brief a range of suppliers across event & content jobs.
  • Supplier Network: A list of trusted, and excellent suppliers we have used over the years.