Marc Andreessen famously said, “A company without a story is a company without a strategy.” I couldn’t agree more. Most people confuse these two terms, story-telling and story-doing. I have worked in an agency that focused on storytelling and now an agency that focuses on story-doing.

Story-telling in branding refers to sharing your company’s story with the aim of connecting with your audience. You can even say its an in-depth exposition of the brand’s aspirations, vision, mission and a method for building human connections. Brand story-telling gives an intimate glimpse into the culture of a business’ culture and what it does to deliver and fulfil its promises. 

Story-doing, on the other hand, is all about living your story and getting your consumers and employees involved. This results in clients gaining trust in you as a brand and your company together with the products and services you offer. A story-doing brand uses stories to drive product development, develop experiences, and create world-class customer service. These brands create compelling actions and experiences that put the corporate narrative to the test in everything they do.

Brands have to shift from storytelling, which has for years been the purview of the marketing department, to story-doing, which is a to-do for the entire organization. The common goal is less about creating communications and more about creating experiences that people can participate in and share with others. It is a common saying that “tell me and I’ll ignore you, involve me and I’ll love you forever.”  

The road leads to story-doing, what are you doing to involve your audience and your employees to be brand ambassadors. 

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